The Team

We are a team of professionals with varied skills and knowledges, we work towards generating value for our customers with each and every one of our solutions.


We constantly improve our products with the latest technology to provide our customers with an ever improving experience of using our platforms.


We have more than 10 years of experience in the technology services market, in different industries such as Insurance, Brokerage, Banking, Manufacturing, Services and Others.


Our commitment is to quality of services. We provide our clients and our partners the best service we can provide, which is reflected in the long-term relationship we build with both.


Our values are rigid and absolute. They focus on Originality, transparency and respect for people, transforming themselves into the fundamental pillars of our team, made up of professionals with extensive experience in the implementation of solutions for large companies from different industries.


We realize the importance of looking to the future, therefore we offer the latest that the market can offer to provide optimal support and service to our customers.


The commitment of our staff would not be possible without absolute transparency in our processes, giving staff maximum information about the company.


Our actions are guided within a framework of openness and transparency. All our products and services are provided with the sole purpose of satisfying the real needs of our customers.


We have a loyal and committed team, providing our clients the upmost confidentiality and a sense of belonging.


We are consistent in our activities and face challenges without slowing down. We are in the continuous search for new technologies to meet our objectives.


We seek to respond successfully to the challenges and obligations we contract with our clients.


Our team is made up of highly qualified professionals, talented and passionate about what they do; Focused on delivering reliability and continued improvement to its customers, based on the company's fundamental core values.

Francisco I. González Muñoz

Founding Partner - Executive Director

Entrepreneur and innovator by choice and life experience, responsible engineer as a result of the values nurtured by my family, enthusiastic in searching for opportunities that add value to our surroundings, devoted to my family and passionate about football.

Rafael A. Dávila Castillo

Founding Partner - Executive Director

Enthusiastic entrepreneur since 20 years old, always linked to innovation and new technologies, dynamic and perfectionist with an academic base in networking, computing and multimedia. More than 10 years leading the IT area in a multinational company, consolidating experience, know-how and skills necessary to face new challenges. Passionate about travel, cinema, videogames and astronomy, a dog lover who enjoys family time and the simple pleasures of life.

Rodrigo A.Urzúa Bravo

Albiorix Functional Leader

As a Computer Engineer, my academic, life and work training has been focused on the development and implementation of useful proposals and projects in the field of information technology. I consider myself devoted to my family, football and horror movies.

Nicole A. De Bittencourt Acuña

Commercial Management - Social Committee Manager

Commercial engineer and Kinesiologist, empathetic, proactive and interested in effective communication with people, theatre lover, dog lover and a people person.

Pablo E. Toro Ortiz

Albiorix Technical Leader

More than 6 yearsí Experience in IT development, fast problem solver, always looking for and implementing innovations in technology and other business areas. Lover of sport and video games.

Victor M. Galindo González

Albiorix Consultant

I consider myself a hardworking person that always tries to fulfil all objectives, I have always considered my failures as the impulses of my success. I love sports and my passion is football. I consider myself a cheerful, charismatic and positive person. "A day without a laugh; is a day lost"

Alejandra C. Torres Ivelic

Albiorix Assistance Consultant

I am enthusiastic about technology in all its fields, lover of animals, videogames and football, but nothing makes my day more than my family.

Luis A. Dubo Osorio

Business Analytics Leader

Passionate about the projects in which I am involved, team player and team leader, proactive, enthusiastic in acquiring new knowledge and adrenaline lover.

Hermann A. Palominos Narbona

Integration Leader

I work in the integrations area as a developer and I am always looking to learn to continue improving. From my work, I like to look for solutions to problems, developing them and implementing them. I dedicate my free time to my family and hobbies, like basketball, pc, card and board games.

Kevin Wolfenden Dupont

Integration Consultant

Computer Engineer with several years of experience, currently updating knowledge at university. Nerd by option; I love everything about IT, board games and Tottenham.



We are an authorized Application Partner of INTERSYSTEMS, a North American company with operations in more than 20 countries. Our strategic alliance allows us to distribute and implement one of their main products: ENSEMBLE; a multiplatform integration tool that permits the interaction of diverse applications or sources, incorporating the data via business rules, workflow, and validations. Ensemble includes management indicators, and full traceability of data, with the aim of generating efficient results.

HR Management

We incorporate into our business lines, a self-developed technological solution called ALBIORIX. This tool includes within its scope; the administration and management of HR; hiring; planning; attendance control using biometric devices; payroll process; integrations with related systems. This service is delivered via the Cloud and supported by professional services that allow delivery of training, implementation advice, help desk and Data Center infrastructure, all with the aim of delivering a high standard of service, operational continuity and confidence in security and the availability of information.

Business Intelligence

We offer specialized consulting in business intelligence with professionals with more than 15 years’ experience in the field, helping clients in the preparation and implementation of different models for different areas within each company.

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